Building a Love of Life-Long Learning

We Believe... 

​As educators and as parents, we believe it is easier to have faith in oneself when a mentor bridges the way and offers support and provocations. We both had that in our youth, and it makes a difference in education, as well as long-term outcomes.

Our Approach

Thinking in an educational setting is more than a simple search into the mind's stores for the correct answer to a question. It involves reason and critique, examination and analysis. In order to take education out of an academic context and into real life, a student must be able to analyze the content of what she or he is learning and find a practical application for that knowledge. In this way, a student sees the correlation between seemingly unrelated disciplines, thus beginning a lifelong love of learning. Beyond the construct of arguments that accompanies thoughtful analysis, an examination of a student's own reasoning process is encouraged at Baker Tutoring. When this is done, a student can examine the basis of his or her own opinion and evaluate its appropriateness in a given situation. This is what makes critical thinking more than just problem-solving. At Baker Tutoring, we encourage the Socratic method of learning; that is, identifying a Problem, presenting an Example, engaging in Discussion and Two-way questioning. In this way, the student is actively engaged in the learning process, rather than a simple repository into which information is deposited.